5 Books You Must Read on the Beach This Summer

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5 Books You Must Read on the Beach This Summer


Sitting in the sun and soaking up the rays are one of the best feelings you can experience at the beach. As most of us do not have time to fit reading in our busy daily schedule, bringing an exciting book during your summer vacation is a great way to relax and expand your literary knowledge.

Here is a list of books you must read on the beach this summer.

Memorial Drive: A Daughter’s Memoir by Natasha Tretheway

Written by two-time Poet Laureate and Pulitzer winner Natasha Tretheway, her memoir relates the details of how her mother was murdered by her ex-stepfather, interwinding the plot with the artist’s experiences while growing up. The book is named after the street where the murder occurred, with the author narrating in an emotionally grounded tone the brutal act that deeply impacted her.

Pizza Girl by Jean Kyoung Frazier

This incredibly funny book focuses on the lives of two women of different ages that slowly discover the multitude of things they have in common. The plot details the encounter of an 18-year-old pregnant pizza delivery girl and middle-aged housewife and mom Jenny, who orders, on a weekly basis, pizza with pickle toppings for her son. This small but odd detail is what makes Pizza Girl find out the things she has in common with the Los Angeles, suburban, stay-at-home mom.

Nine Shiny Objects by Brian Castleberry

One of the books you must read on the beach this summer, if you are into alien theories, is Brian Castleberry’s Nine Shiny Objects. The book tells the story of how a Navy pilot reports seeing nine UFOs, and how this sighting affected the lives of nine characters and their interactions over the course of four decades.

Afterland by Lauren Beukes

Afterland immerses the reader in an alternative world, where a mysterious pandemic decimated most of the male population, leaving the world to be run by women. A combination of Children of Men, Blade Runner and a Handmaid’s Tale, the plot shows how protagonist Cole is on the run with her son Miles in order to protect him from people who want him for various reasons.

Game of Thrones writer George R. R. Martin called the author of this dystopian book “A major, major talent.”

The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett

From the author of The Mothers comes another bold and compelling work, called the Vanishing Half. The plot centers around the lives of identical twin sisters, Stella and Desiree, from a small Southern community who decide to run as teenagers and start a new life in New Orleans. But the sisters went on different paths, as Desiree returns with a daughter, and Stella based her life as a black woman passing as white. Family ties, identity, race, social perception, and history; Bennett’s work should definitely be on your list of books you must read on the beach.

The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy

The story of this New York Times best-selling book introduces a group of new mothers, Francie, Nell, Collette, and Winnie, who dubbed themselves the “May Mothers,” as they all gave birth in the same month. But one night, when the mother went out, Winnie’s son Midas is kidnapped. With the police not coming up with anything, the mothers start their own investigation to find the child, but, in the process, Winnie’s secrets are unraveled.

This has been our list of books you must read on the beach – they are guaranteed to keep you turning page after page to find out the ending.

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