Fun Activities You Can Do on a Beach Vacation

collecting sea shells

Fun Activities You Can Do on a Beach Vacation


Most people go to the beach for some relaxation, but many can get bored quite easily if there is no excitement. You should know that there are plenty of things to do there in order to keep boredom at bay.

Let’s look at some fun activities you can do on a beach with your friends and family.

Collect Sea Glass or Seashells

Sea glass or beach glass is natural frosted glass that has been molded and shaped by water and sand over decades, even hundreds of years. These bits of glass come in all shapes and colors, and you can collect them to make decorative art projects or use them for creating jewelry pieces.

You can combine them with the different seashells you have also collected to create a beach-themed memento of your trip.

Watch the Sunset

A great way to end the day is by sitting along the shore and watching the sun descend into the red-hued waters of the sea. Sunsets can also mark the beginning of night parties, where you can enjoy live performances and dance with the rest of the crowd.


If you like catching fish as a relaxing pastime, there are some beaches that permit this activity, with some even having fishing piers where you can rent gear. You can compete with your friends on who can get the most fish, or you can later fry them and enjoy a meal you caught with your own hands.

Play Sports

One of the most popular fun activities you can do on a beach is to play a game or a sporting activity. Either in the water or on the sand, the possibilities are endless with a ball, as you can play anything from volleyball to dodgeball.

Or you can toss around a frisbee with your friends or have fun with your pet if you brought it along as well.

Snorkel, Swim or Splash Around

Sun and sand aside, the main attraction of a beach trip is definitely the water. And it would make sense that one of the most fun activities you can do on a beach would involve water. When things get too hot from playing sports or collecting seashells, you can splash around with your friends to cool down.

If you are an experienced swimmer, do a few friendly competitive laps or dive from one of your friend’s shoulders. With places that have an abundance of diverse marine life or corals, you can snorkel around and observe the beauty of nature.

Rent Ski Jets, Boats or Kayaks

If you are not particularly keen on staying in the water, there are activities that you can do while staying above it. Beaches usually have places where you can rent boats or ski jets and glide over the waves at high speeds. If you want something a little less adrenaline-inducing, you can slowly paddle your way with a kayak or a canoe.

Now that you know what fun activities you can do on the beach, you will undoubtedly have a great summer trip!

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