Best Destinations for an Incredible Camping Experience

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Best Destinations for an Incredible Camping Experience


There are many amazing camping sites around the world that leave you breathless and in awe of nature’s beauty. To have an incredible experience, we suggest taking a look at some of these exquisite camping destinations.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is known for its scenic rocky landscape. While the South Rim is easily accessible, it can quickly get crowded there. But the North Rim is rather remote and a good option to have the place all to yourself. Activity-wise, you have hiking, river rafting, swimming in the turquoise Havasu Falls, as well as you can snap a shot of the sunrise or sunset over Hopi Point, cross the Navajo Bridge, and watch the majestic Beaver Falls.

Assateague Island Campgrounds, Maryland

Maryland’s Assateague Island not only allows you to enjoy great beaches, as you can also admire wild horses running free on the seashore. At just a few miles away from the Ocean City, campers can experience island living, water sports, seafood, crisp ocean air, and horse spotting in one single trip. There are also plenty of water activities, such as paddle boarding, jet skiing, kayaking, and almost every water sport you can think of.

Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

New Zealand is renowned for its otherworldly landscapes. Mount Cook (or Aoraki in native Maori) is the highest mountain in the country, and the entire surrounding region is rugged, having one of the island’s best outdoor playgrounds. By camping here, you will wake up to amazing unspoiled sceneries.

Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

If you are more about exploring the wild side of life, the Maasai Mara Reserve is perfect for you. The reserve is home to the largest lion populations and 5, 570 species of birds. It is also a great place for watching over two million gazelles, wildebeests, and zebras.

You can find many camping sites, from budget ones to luxurious tents, right in the middle of this wild landscape of grasslands and acacia trees. If you are near a river, you can also take some pictures of crocodiles and hippos.

Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

The Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica hosts a unique variety of wildlife, with almost 5 percent of the world’s total biodiversity living here. Instead of renting out a room at a resort, you can camp around the thick and lush green rain forests. Not only is it cheaper, but you will also be closer to nature and its wonderful sceneries.

Lake Shojiko, Japan

One of the paramount camping destinations has to be Lake Shojiko. You are able not only to camp for free here, but you also have toilets and basic facilities for campers. The greatest bonus is that, wherever you camp, you can see Mount Fuji reflecting in the beautiful lake. Spring is the best time to visit, as the famous Japanese cherry blossom trees are in their full splendor.

Make your outdoor experience a memorable one by going to some of these camping destinations that not only have amazing natural landscapes but lots of activity options as well.

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