Tips and Tricks You Must Know When You Go Camping

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Tips and Tricks You Must Know When You Go Camping


If you are new to camping, you should know that preparation is key. You certainly do not want to overpack or underpack and have your camping experience ruined. Here are some of our camping tips and tricks you have to know to make your outdoor trip perfect.

Choose the Right Tent and Setup

You should buy a tent based on how many people are going to sleep in it, as it is more efficient to bring just a few tents instead of everybody carrying their own tent. Also, take into consideration the climate where you will be camping.

In the summertime, you should avoid setting up your tent in a spot that receives full sun, as it can quickly become too hot inside.

For extra comfort, buy a footprint or sleeping pad for the base of the tent to have some cushioning from the rough ground. Sleeping bags are also a must, and you can save some space in your bag by filling up a pillowcase with some of your clothes.

Keep It Clean

You can quickly get dirty in the woods, and you will want to keep things sanitized while you cook in order to prevent the spread of germs that might cause illness. Pack soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, as well as hand sanitizer, and use soap to wash hair. Also, keep your clean clothes separate from the dirty ones in garbage bags. Another camping trick is to shave strips of soap for single use so that when you put the soap away, the rest of your items stay dry and soap-free.

Disposing of Waste

While you might use a nearby river to take a refreshing bath, be sure to dispose of soapy water into the soil at 200 feet or more from the water source to prevent contamination. The same applies to human waste if you have no portable toilets on the camping site.

Bring Bug Repellent

Even the most outdoorsy of us hate to have their night disturbed by mosquitoes or other biting bugs. Some of them may carry diseases, so you should bring along either spray repellent for ticks and fleas, or scented candles to keep mosquitoes away. You can also burn sage to deter mosquitoes as an eco-friendlier alternative.

Always keep your tent zipped so that the creepy crawlies don’t end up in bed with you. Remember to pack some aloe vera gel to soothe mosquito bites. Also, wear high socks and keep away from tall grass to avoid ticks.

Food and Cooking Utensils

While it is a good idea to pack food that will not spoil, such as granola bars, sandwiches, beef jerky, or canned foods, you will still want to eat a cooked or warm meal. For this, you should bring some charcoal (for campsite grills), fire kindling, wood, newspaper, matches, propane stove, and cooking utensils, such as pots, pans, bowls, reusable paper cups (as they are lighter), forks, and knives. One of the best camping tricks to save water is to use sand to put out the campfire, as water is essential but heavy to carry around.

Another way of keeping your food and drinks cool is to freeze water in jugs. Not only will your food stay dry and cool, but you will also have water when it melts, without the need to carry extra.

If you cannot live without your eggs and bacon at breakfast, crack the eggs and put them in a bottle. This way, you reduce the risk of them cracking and have more room in your backpack.

With some of these essential camping tricks and tips, you will have no issues conquering the great outdoors.

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