Top Camping Activities for Your Next Journey

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Top Camping Activities for Your Next Journey


When going camping, many people use this time to relax and unwind from the stress of everyday life. Watching the stars or taking naps on the grass sounds fine, but everybody gets bored after a day or so.

Here are some of the camping activities you can do on your next trip to keep you and your family members entertained.


Spelunking is an exciting activity when you go camping, as it involves exploring caves, and the whole family can enjoy it. Ask the local ranger if there are any safe caves that can be explored near your camping site before starting your adventure.

S’mores Contest

Making s’mores is one of the most popular camping activities. But why not make it even more entertaining by turning this into a competitive game? You can make all sorts of variations and taste what your other competitors have made. It’s actually a game where no one loses, as you still get to eat tasty treats.

Bike Riding

If you have room to pack your bike, you can head out for a day of leisurely cycling and explore the areas while also getting a bit of pleasant exercise. Most campgrounds support mountain biking and street biking, so there should be no problem. Research before which are the specific trails for mountain biking or the paths for leisure biking.


If there is a body of water near your camping ground where it is allowed to fish, why not bring your fishing rods and bait and catch some fish? Make sure that you have the proper licensing and that you can take your catch with you. You can then grill the fish over your campfire.

Boating, Canoeing, or Kayaking

If you want to explore better fishing spots, then you can bring yourself a kayak, canoe, and paddleboards, and glide along the water. If you do not have any of these boats, you can probably find places nearby that rent water crafts.

Sports Games

If you are a more active person, then you should consider camping activities which involve sports. On several campgrounds, you have a variety of options at the recreational center, such as mini-golf, basketball hoops, tennis courts, and in some cases, even a pool.

Football, Dodgeball, and Soccer

If you are not near or on a camping ground, you can still play sports, such as football, dodgeball, and soccer. Just find the closest open field, and bring along a ball. These sports are more enjoyable if there is a large number of players.


Frisbee tossing is rather simple, but it can be very fun, especially if you have brought your canine companion with you.


Geocaching is a very popular mobile app that allows people from all over the country to participate in a treasure hunting game. Through the app, you try to get to the nearest geocaching site, and once you have found the item, write down your experience and leave it in the box as you found it.

If you run out of ideas for camping activities, then take a look at this list to find some inspiration.

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