6 Outstanding Smart Home Devices for 2020

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6 Outstanding Smart Home Devices for 2020

Smart home devices could help you with most of your activities, including cleaning your workspace or regulating your room temperature. The following are 6 outstanding smart home devices for 2020.

Best Smart Speaker: Echo Plus from Amazon

For a smart speaker, we recommend the Echo Plus from Amazon. This all-in-one smart home hub has the ability to play your music, connect you to other rooms and respond to voice commands. With integrated Amazon Alexa, it works together with other home devices such as light bulbs, security cameras and smart locks.

Overall, this device offers a convenient way for you and your family members to interact seamlessly with other devices in your home.

Best Energy-saving Smart Thermostat: Nest Learning Thermostat from Google

When it comes to regulating the temperature of your home, you need a smart home device that’s worth your time—and money. For this category, we recommend the Nest Learning Thermostat from Google. The outstanding feature on this device is automation. Once you program it well, it will function independently without having to reprogram it. It can regulate your home temperature at all designated times: morning, evening, at night or during vacation.

Overall, seamless automation saves you money on utility bills. Equipment such as heaters and air conditioners can remain off when you don’t need them.

Best Smart Video Doorbell: Nest Hello

The Nest Hello video doorbell is among the 6 best smart home devices for 2020. This smart device enables you to see who’s at your door in real time. It works with your Wi-Fi network to capture up to 3 hours’ worth of video clips, free of charge. Importantly, it comes with the owner-controlled facial recognition feature. This feature allows you to create your customized facial recognition database according to whoever shows up at your door. Once installed, you can tag your most common visitors. The device will recognize their faces and alert you whenever they appear at the door.

Best TV Control Device: Logitech Harmony Elite

If you like to watch TV a lot, the Logitech Harmony Elite with Harmony Bulb helps you control your TV with minimal movement. This device has a universal Elite Remote Control, which allows you to make your remote situation simpler. It takes voice commands to perform certain duties such as turning the TV on or switching to a smart TV.

Best Smart Plug: TP-Link Smart Plug Mini

If you’re going to use any connected home device, a smart plug is the entry point. Smart plugs are simple devices that perform the important function of managing your power system on and off remotely. For this category, we recommend the TP-Link’s Kasa Mini. This device has a single outlet that links to your Wi-Fi network. With it, you can program your plug on and off according to your schedule or location. It utilizes Alexa and Google Assistant. With only a voice command, you can manage various equipment in your home including lamps, fountains, water heaters, and any other plug-in device.

Best Mesh Router: Nest Wi-Fi from Google

For your Wi-Fi routing system, we recommend the Nest Wi-Fi router from Google. This two-piece starter kit can serve a 5800-square-foot smart home with good signal strength, allowing you to manage your smart speakers, light bulbs, and any other smart device in your rooms. This device delivers reliable network strength. It’s easy to install and works well with Google smart homes.

With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, many people are living under lockdown orders. Whether you’re working from home or adopting a new schedule, these smart home devices could help you simplify your tasks.


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