Best Portable Photo Printers for Travel Lovers

Prynt Pocket

Best Portable Photo Printers for Travel Lovers

If you want to cut the hassle and expenses involved in printing photos once they arrive in your postbox, you should invest in a suitable photo printer. A photo printer that you can carry around allows you to share your captured memories with your family and friends instantly. Here are the best portable photo printers, especially if you’re always on the go.

Prynt Pocket Photo Printer

The Prynt Pocket photo printer merits our best pick, based on its outstanding features. While it looks like a compact charging station for your phone, this device prints quality photos at 90 degrees from where you place your smartphone. Unlike other portable printers that require Bluetooth connection, the Prynt Pocket seamlessly connects with your phone to conduct the printing process.

You can get unlimited supply of photo printing paper from the company after activating your subscription plan. Alternatively, you can purchase packs of 20, 40, or 60 photo prints. Currently, this portable photo printer supports iPhone only. However, plans are underway to work with Android versions.

Canon SELPHY CP1300

This great portable photo printer comes with wireless connectivity and a wide range of print sizes. Weighing 1.89 pounds, it’s still portable enough to fit in a bag or backpack, making it easy to move around with. It allows you to print directly from your camera or smartphone through Wi-Fi connectivity and Canon Print App3. It also supports a USB connection, which comes handy if you want to choose images from your phone or camera.

Additionally, your 6×4 prints dry up faster and are ready for photo album just shortly after printing. The prints are water resistant with a lifespan of 100 years. You can use the printer both at home and when you travel.

Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

The Polaroid Mobile Mini printer is both elegant and portable, fitting neatly into your pocket. All the same, its size doesn’t compromise the quality of the images it delivers. This printer utilizes Bluetooth connectivity and a rechargeable lithium battery that can serve up to 25 prints. With zero ink printing technology, it delivers magnificent photos, which are water-resistant, smudge-proof, and tear-resistant. Importantly, this technology ensures that you incur no cartridge costs.

Kodak Mini 2 HD Wireless Instant Printer

The Kodak Mini 2 is one of the best portable photo printers to consider if you’re always on the go. While it doesn’t utilize the zero ink technology or instant film technology, it comes with a single cartridge mechanism that contains both the paper and the ink.

Besides, it utilizes the Kodak 4-pass technology, which is a type of thermal transfer technology. The paper pops in and out four times during the printing process, adding one layer each time it does. The last layer comes with a clear coat that makes the print more durable.

Photo printing technology has evolved over the years. While you enjoy the fun of capturing your best memories, printing them should not pose any challenge. Once you have one of these portable photo printers, you’re good to go.

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