Top 5 Phone Accessories You Must Have for Your Daily Activities

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Top 5 Phone Accessories You Must Have for Your Daily Activities

Smart phones have become part of our everyday lives. But which accessories must you have to help you get the best out of your smart phone? In this article, we outline the first 5 phone accessories you must own for your daily activities.

Wireless Charger

This is a must-have accessory in 2020. It supports a wireless charging system and comes with several benefits that the wired system doesn’t have. The main advantage of wireless charging is convenience. You don’t have to deal with cords, which can be messy and can only support one device at a time. A wireless charger can support your smart phone, tablet, and laptop all at the same time. Another prime benefit of a wireless charger is integration. It can easily blend with nearly all mobile phones regardless of their shape, size, or charging socket.

Mobile Phone Case

If you truly love your phone, then you must have a proper cover for it. The main advantage of having a phone case is to protect your device, especially when you drop it, or something hits it. Additionally, a phone case improves grip on your phone so it’s not so likely to slip off your hand.

You use your phone on a daily basis, so this accessory comes handy every single time. The latest editions of phone cases are designed with aesthetic value to improve your phone’s outlook. Besides, eco-friendly cases are made of 100% organic materials. This makes them environmentally friendly and highly protective.

Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Bluetooth has become a universal method of file transfer across various mediums. This technology connects your accessories to your phone in wireless mode. With your wireless Bluetooth earbuds, you can comfortably listen to your favorite tunes without having to connect cables.

When using cable earphones, you’re limited to the distance at which you can move around the sound devices. That’s usually about 3-4 ft. On the contrary, wireless earphones give you a bigger range of movement, about 27 or 28 ft from the sound device. Importantly, the earphones blend well with various devices without the need to change the cable.

Micro SD Card

With your smart phone, you’re likely to capture images at different points. These images might stretch the internal storage capacity of your phone. The micro SD card comes handy to provide extended storage capacity for your device. This accessory is most suitable when you travel or attend special functions where you’d like to capture and store images. And this leads to the next accessory.

Smart Stick

A smart stick helps you to capture remarkable selfies, whether as an individual or with a group of friends. Modern editions are smart in design, with a six-button control panel, which enables you to tilt the phone’s angle, zoom in or out, switch between cameras and do much more. They also come with a rechargeable battery, which you can plug in through a micro USB.

Your smart phone is an important possession in this era. But for it to serve you better, the phone accessories mentioned in this article are nearly inevitable.


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