5 Useful Tips to Stay Safe While Traveling

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5 Useful Tips to Stay Safe While Traveling


Although traveling is meant to be an exciting and joyful experience, many things can happen that can ruin your journey or endanger your health. But there are several tips you can practice that can help you stay safe while traveling.

Food and Water Safety

While you will no doubt be tempted to try the local cuisine, you will still have to follow some basic guidelines in order to avoid any food poisoning. In many locations around the world, water can be contaminated, or food safety regulation may not be as stringent. But it would be a shame if you miss trying some dishes from different cultures.

In order to avoid unpleasant situations, you should choose to eat in popular places with long lines and opt to eat fully cooked meals (as the heat kills dangerous bacteria). Moreover, you can prevent contamination by eating only fruits that you can peel yourself.

Also, if you have any serious allergies, make sure that you tell the cook in his native language what you are allergic to and even show a photo on your phone of the food to make it as clear as possible.

To stay safe while traveling, you should only drink from filtered water bottles (it’s eco-friendlier).

Bring Only What You Need and Keep the Rest of Your Valuables Locked Up

Always have on you the documents you strictly need, such as your passport, and leave your Social Security card or birth certificate at home. Make copies of important documents and use them if you are not asked for the original. You should also take only one of your credit or debit cards, as you might risk losing all of them.

Sensitive documents or expensive items should be kept locked up when at the hotel, and while on the road, keep them stored in a sturdy backpack that cannot be slashed or opened easily.

If you find yourself dozing off in a train or a bus, use your backpack as a pillow on routes where you know thieving is common.

Get Travel Insurance

While most consider travel insurance an extra expense and believe they will most likely never use it, it is best to be safe than sorry.

If you are traveling with luxurious items, such as a computer or camera, you can get them insured, and in the unfortunate case of these items getting stolen, they will be replaced by your insurer.

Health insurance is also a must so that you will receive medical care in case of an accident or ailment. You can choose to pay from your own pocket for medical expenses, but in some countries, this does not come cheap.

Don’t Share Too Much with Strangers or on Social Media

It is tempting to post your holiday pictures or tag yourself in a bar from an exotic location on Facebook or Instagram, but making your agenda or location on social media can permit thieves or scammers to use this information to their advantage. The best option is to post your photos when you get home.

You should also avoid giving too many details regarding your travel plans to people you’ve just met. You never know what their intentions might be. If you are asked about these details, offer vague answers or lie and say another hotel name.

Moreover, don’t say it’s your first time visiting their country or city when asked, as first-time tourists are often targeted by scammers.

Keep Emergency Money in Different Places

You should keep a stash of extra money for emergency situations in different hiding places, such as a secret pocket sewn into your clothes or a hidden compartment of some sort.

Make sure to practice the aforementioned tips to stay safe while traveling and enjoy a problem-free trip!

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