Best Travel Apps You Should Download Before Your Next Trip

Citymapper on iPhone

Best Travel Apps You Should Download Before Your Next Trip


People rely on their smartphones more than ever, including for planning and taking a trip. There are plenty of travel apps, either for booking flights and hotels, restaurant reservations, or planning the route to your destination.


Citymapper is an app that calculates the fastest route to your destination, as well as detailed instructions on how to reach the nearest bus and train stations. The app also features the time of the next arrivals of public transports and shows real-time updates every minute during your route. You also have a chat where you can message your friends and family to keep them updated.


Traffic is a big problem which many people encounter when they travel by their own car. This is why, in your travel apps arsenal, you need Waze. The app allows you to check beforehand the routes and avoid traffic, blocked roads, police radars, accidents, or other hurdles that might delay your arrival at the destination.

Google Translate

While there are many travel apps that offer language translating services, Google Translate is probably the most-used one. With the app, you can translate words and phrases in more than 100 languages. Another neat feature enables you to take photos of signs in foreign languages so you can translate them, and you can also record your voice and play it in another language in “conversation mode.” The app will soon add an audio translation feature, which translates people speaking in real-time.


Many travelers worry about staying in shape while on vacation, as sometimes you have no gym at your hotel, or memberships are too expensive in that particular city. This problem can easily be solved with Freeletics. The app features a diversity of strength and cardio workouts for all fitness levels, as well as 6 to 12-week programs, which can be done from your hotel room. Custom exercise routines are created for you based on the information you provide to your AI coach.


To save money when traveling, many opt to stay with locals instead of hotels. The Airbnb app allows you to find accommodations in the region you are visiting. You can filter your search based on your destination and dates, home type, price, and other services.

Even if you need a last-ditch booking, you can also filter for rooms that do not need pre-approval and book them right from within the app.

You can also book activities which are available in the region you are visiting, such as hikes, theatre shows, kayak tours, food tours, and many more.

XE Currency Converter

If you frequently travel to other countries, it can be hard to keep track of the conversion rate of all the local currencies. The XE Currency Converter app offers updated currency rates for hundreds of fiat currencies. You can also store these rates in the app and check them even when you don’t have an internet connection.

You can make your traveling experience much easier and enjoyable by having the right travel apps. Booking, travel, mapping, and translator – you can find apps for almost anything you would need on a trip.

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