How to Find the Best Accommodation for Your Holiday

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How to Find the Best Accommodation for Your Holiday


Accommodation is the biggest factor that people consider when planning a trip, and as such, most of us search for the options which have the best amenities. This is why we have made this article that will show you how to find the best accommodation for your holiday.

Look into Business Hotels

If you want to visit cities that are known to have developed business hubs, then you should check out the options available at business hotels, as you can find great deals.

The best time to find deals is during the summer period and on weekends, as hotels rarely have business travelers then because prices are usually lowered.

Book Out of Season

A great way of saving some money on accommodations is to book resort areas during the middle of the week or out of season. Avoiding peak periods, such as weekends, can help you find cheap hotel accommodation. Also, during these periods, prices can spike three times more than those during mid-week.

Book a Corner Room

If you book a corner room, you will usually get a bigger space than a regular room for the same price. Another bonus is that you have a better view and lighting from a corner room.

Book Ahead with Free Cancelation

Reserve a room which has a “free cancelation” option in order to get, in advance, better rates. While many sites have the free cancelation feature for most of their listed accommodations, always check their annulment policy and what period it covers (cancelation may be available only for 48 hours before the booking date).

Another way to get a good rate at prices for short stays is to book a non-refundable rate, as they are cheaper than the usual prices.

Collect Free Points to Upgrade Your Room

Take advantage of the reward program your hotel is offering. Most hotels have the option of allowing customers to earn points that can then be used for room upgrades or free stays. You might also want to check out booking sites for loyalty bonuses or programs.

If you accrue points through a booking site, you will be able to use them in multiple hotels, not just one particular chain. This way, you are not limited to stay at just one hotel, and you can earn your points through the same booking site.

Clean Your Browser History

When you are browsing online for accommodation deals, it is advisable to use different browsers or search in incognito mode when you are checking the prices a second time on a booking site. Another great tip on how to find the best accommodations is to delete your browser history of the particular cookies of that site.

This is because websites keep track of what you are looking for by storing data in cookies, and when you revisit it, they will know you are more likely to book and up the prices for their offers.

We hope that our short guide on how to find the best accommodation for your holiday will be of help when you will be planning your trip.

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