5 Water Sports You Must Try Before You Turn 30

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5 Water Sports You Must Try Before You Turn 30


There are many things that you want to try in your lifetime, and you simply end up putting off trying them until you can’t really do them anymore. If you are a frequent beach goer, then these are the best water sports that you definitely have to try before you reach your 30s.

Banana Boat Rides

At many beaches, you will likely find banana boat rides, which are extremely fun and exciting. These long banana-shaped boats carry up to six people while being anchored to a speed boat to give you an adrenaline rush. They are very safe, as you wear life jackets, and there is always an instructor sent along on the trips. Zooming at high speed over the waves is an exciting experience which you can enjoy with the entire family or with some new friends.


A mix of surfing and sailing, windsurfing is one of the most astonishing and best water sports that you can try. It takes a little bit of balance, but once you get the hang of it, you can ride the waves and change the wind direction as you go along. Due to the fact that you control the board, you feel like you are taming the sea and its unruly waves. Be sure to wear lots of sunscreens, as you can spend quite some time under the sun and in the wind.


Another amazing water sport that not so experienced swimmers can partake in is parasailing. With parasailing, you can enjoy flying above the water and still dip in the waves from time to time. You’ll have a parachute strapped to you, and you will be tied to a motorboat which speeds in order to keep you airborne. You will practically be a kite over the sea floating over the waves made by the speeding boat. This exciting water sport is extremely thrilling, as you get to enjoy paragliding and water skiing (if you are given skis) without the risks of dangerous landing or flying, of course, because of strong winds.

Mangrove Kayaking

While kayaking is also an incredible water spot in itself, why not make it an even more unbelievable experience by taking a tour with your kayak amid a mangrove forest. As you glide amid the mangrove trees, you can take in the amazing scenery and wildlife and also stay cool in their shade. There is an option of also kayaking in regions that have towering stone formations on the water, which can only be accessible by boat.

Water Zorbing

Another water sport that is great for non-swimmers is water zorbing. You and another person are placed in a giant plastic orb, and then you tumble across the water. No worries of going adrift, as the orb is tethered to a boat.

Before you turn 30, you should definitely experience some of the best water sports while you are at the beach and make some amazing memories filled with fun and excitement.

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