Best Water Sports and Activities in Bali

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Best Water Sports and Activities in Bali


Bali has become a popular tourist destination for many people seeking amazing beaches, jungles, and rich culture. As there are many beaches, there is also a wide variety of water sports opportunities which can suit any particular preference. Here are some of the best water sports in Bali that you can enjoy while you are visiting.

Water Skiing

Water Skiing is a popular and adventurous sport that is available on many beaches in Bali, such as Uluwatu, Tanjung Benoa Beach, Kota, and many others. During water skiing, your feet will be strapped to ski boards, and a powerboat pulls you over the water. You will need to know how to swim, as in the beginning, you might lose your balance several times.

Bali Flying Fish

A unique water sport in Bali is the flying fish. In this sport, you have 3 banana boats attached to each other, with a number of people sitting strapped in with safety gear in the fish boat. The fish boat is anchored to a speedboat pull, which drags the fish boat until it becomes airborne.

Sea Walking

Sea walking is very requested by tourists in Bali as its waters are teeming with colorful and mind-blowing marine species as well as gorgeous coral reefs. This once in a lifetime experience allows you to actually walk on the seafloor and to observe, up-close, banks of exotic fish passing by you.

Whitewater River Rafting

While there are many marine activities on the island, one of the best water sports in Bali for adrenaline junkies would be whitewater river rafting. Bali also has a number of whitewater rivers suitable for rafting at fast speeds with the waves gushing in your face.

Two main rivers are favorite spots for whitewater rafting: Telaga Waja River in East Bali Karangasem regency and Ayung River in Ubud.

Donut Ride

A fun and exciting water sport is the donut ride. A circular inflatable tube being pulled by a boat over the water. You can enjoy the ride solo or with a group of friends. As the waves splash your donut back and forth, at the end of the ride, the tube tumbles upwards, and you float about in the water.


While you will find many water sports with water jets propulsion in Bali, there is one called flyboard ride that has become quite a trend there. A flyboard is a pair of shoes that have water jet equipment which is connected through a hose to something that looks like a jet ski.

The water hose releases water under high pressure from under the boots, which propels you in the air at a distance of 33 feet. You can hover above the water, fly in different directions once you get the hang of it, and jump back and forth from the air and water.

This exciting island has a plethora of fun and unique activities that you can try. Before you end your vacation, we suggest trying some of the best water sports in Bali.

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