These Are the Most Popular Types of Scuba Diving

scuba diving

These Are the Most Popular Types of Scuba Diving


Scuba diving comes in many variations, with numerous places and natural sights being explored. If you are still unsure which type suits you best, you can check out our list with some of the most popular types of scuba diving.

Deep Diving

Deep diving is for more advanced divers, as you reach depths of 130 feet in unexplored waters. For this form of diving, you will need a permit and training to know about descent lines, high-performance regulators, BCs, backup tanks, and more.

The deep water is home to many intriguing and unique species and marine landscapes. Before you dive deep to the maximum depth, you will first go down to 60 ft or 18 meters before your advanced training.

Cavern Diving

Not to be confused with cave diving that requires special qualification, cavern diving is more of an extreme sport in which you explore the opening of the cave. And while there may be some obstacles over your head, you still receive sunlight from above.

Cavern diving is done in an open area that has direct sunlight, a maximum depth of 70 feet, and is within 130 linear feet of the opening cave.

Cave diving requires diving miles underwater and going into areas that have minimum natural light and water visibility. The qualification for this activity is hard to attain, as only 1% of divers can get it.

Marine Life Sightseeing Scuba Diving

By far, one of the most popular types of scuba diving, diving to admire the marine flora and fauna has become a must for many tourists when they go to exotic places. Whether it is manta rays, colorful fish, sea turtles, or untouched coral reefs, people enjoy seeing up close these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

Places such as the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, Spain, the Fiji Islands, Thailand, Indonesia, Hawaii, Western Australia, and the Maldives are popular for nature lovers who want to be among species that they would normally see in a wildlife documentary.

Night Diving

Night diving is a form of recreational scuba diving which only happens during darkness. As many marine animals are nocturnal, divers can see a new underwater world and different species. For example, you have a better chance of seeing manta rays feeding as the lights attract plankton.

In some places, such as Puerto Rico and Jamaica, where a certain species of bioluminescent plankton lives, you can see the water glowing bright blue as you move around. The experience is incredible because you will feel like being surrounded by blue underwater fireflies.

Wreck Diving

Wreck diving is when you dive to explore the sunken ships, aircraft, and other human-made structures. Most of the popular wreck diving sites have shipwrecks, and many tourists flock to see these ships and the artificial reef that has formed around them. Another reason for wreck diving would be to explore the history of the wreckage.

If you spend most of your time below water, we recommend you try one of these popular types of scuba diving.

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