Top 5 Health Benefits of Active Water Sports


Top 5 Health Benefits of Active Water Sports


Water sports can be fun but also great for your general health. You can stay healthy while doing something you find enjoyable. Some might view these types of activities as too risky or adventurous, but there are many health benefits of active water sports.

You Exercise Different Muscles Groups

While we all activate some muscle groups during daily activities, many of them are neglected or untrained to do certain movements. When you paddle while kayaking or whitewater rafting, you work out a different set of muscles and move them in new ways; at first, it will cause soreness the next day, but this is beneficial for overall physical fitness. Working out all your muscles is a great thing you can do for your health.

You Burn a Lot of Calories

To attain peak physical shape, very active water sports are a great option. You will also not get bored, as you normally would while doing reps of regular exercises. Waterboarding or surfing burns around 500 calories per hour as you have fun riding the waves. Moreover, as you become more advanced and start doing tricks and flips, you have even more muscle control and burn even more calories. As you increase your muscle mass and create a caloric deficit through exercises, you increase your metabolic rate as well as your chances to maintain a slim physique.

You Lower Blood Pressure

Studies showed that outdoor physical activities like whitewater rafting could significantly reduce blood pressure since it is an effective form of exercise. It also helps because doing this outdoor sport allows you to be surrounded by amazing flora and fauna. From lush greens to crisp, clear water, you will undoubtedly have your fill of the beauty of nature when you go river rafting.

You Get Rid of Stress and Anxiety

All exercises improve mood and keep stress levels down as you release endorphins, but there have been many studies that prove you can get more mental health benefits if you do these activities in a natural setting rather than indoors. If you go mangrove kayaking or sea walking, you also get the opportunity to enjoy fresh air, the smell of trees, cool water splashing on your face, or admire up close the amazing wildlife with your feet on fine sand.

As you move your body in different ways while paddling or walking underwater, paired with serene nature scenery, you can greatly lower stress and anxiety. Some studies show that even post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms (PTSD) and other traumas can be alleviated through outdoor activities.

It is worth mentioning that lowered blood pressure can prolong your life. One long term study at Harvard Medical School linked low blood pressure with significantly lower risks of heart disease.

You Have Lower Risks of Cancer

One of the most significant health benefits of active water sports is that you can greatly reduce your chances of getting certain types of cancer. A 2016 study showed that moderately or extremely physically active people have really lower chances of developing at least 13 types of cancers, including esophageal adenocarcinoma, liver, kidney, breast, lung, myeloma, head and neck cancers.

If you want to get and stay in shape and live a long and healthy life, why not reap some of the health benefits of active water sports?

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